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Tastyweb Restaurant Websites - FAQ

Your Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a domain name for our website - how can I use this with Tastyweb?

With Tastyweb, we take care of the web hosting and running the software behind the scenes that controls how your website displays. All you need to do to get Tastyweb working on your own domain, is configure that domain to forward to our servers. It's a simple process that takes minutes to carry out, and there's a full guide built into the help section of the software. There's no extra charge for using your own domain, even for Basic (ad-supported) accounts.

I already have a website - can I still use Tastyweb?

For a small fee (usually under £100 depending on how complex your existing website is), we can convert your existing website design and install it into a Tastyweb Pro account. That way you can manage your own website from then on, using all of the advanced Tastyweb functionality.

How much will all this cost?

Your Tastyweb Restaurant Website will either be free (paid for by Google Advertising links), or a £14.99/Month subscription with the Google adverts removed, and all of the advanced features turned on. There is NO setup fee for either type of account.

Why is the free version free?

To fund the free accounts, we run small Google adverts alongside your website pages – this helps us to cover our hosting and bandwidth costs.

How many images can I store?

At the moment the amount of space you can use for your images is unrestricted. This is subject to a fair usage policy and we may introduce account limits at some point – rest assured this will be set high enough that most people will not be affected by the limit.

I want customers to be able to book a table on my site - is this possible?

Using a customer contact form, you'll be able to create a form that asks customers for their name, contact number / email address, and when they'd like to book a table, so yes, this is easy to set up.

I want customers to be able to place orders on my site - is this possible?

At the moment, this functionality is not part of the Tastyweb Platform. However, it's an easy process for us to link up to a 3rd-party service that takes care of the takeaway orders side of thing. If you'd like to discuss options for this, please fill in a question form on the right, or get in touch via the Contact Us page.

Can I install a completely custom design into my website?

Advanced users can upload their own logo to be displayed in the website’s header section. Users who would like a completely customised website design can get one designed by the Tastyweb team for as little as £499. Your custom design will be installed into a Tastyweb Software account, so you’ll be able to benefit from all the great features of the website control panel, but with a totally unique website design. Please see the 'Features' page for more details.

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